The Blue Bell Community Hub Ltd Benefit Society

Blue Bell Community Hub Ltd is a Community Benefit Society regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is fully owned by its members who all have voting rights and are all shareholders; most of its members are from the local area. It is managed through a steering committee.  The Society owns and has secured the Blue Bell for the future enjoyment of all.

Our Mission

Is to make the Blue Bell the hub of our community at the heart of the South Downs National Park (SDNP); a hub that incorporates a café, pub, accommodation, and SDNP visitor centre.

By working together with other community organisations in the village and providing the facilities and space to serve people of all ages and backgrounds, we aim to achieve greater community cohesion.

The Blue Bell Community Hub Ltd Benefit Society aims to keep the Blue Bell in the long-term ownership of the community, and to achieve this will provide the necessary funds, and service the debts incurred in acquiring,  refurbishing, and equipping the Blue Bell building on behalf of its members.

The Blue Bell Community Hub Ltd aims to provide local employment and stimulate local trade.

Our Vision

To develop a sustainable community enterprise that is inclusive and that delivers and contributes to a vibrant and thriving village that will also serve and involve those around us.

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A 3-year journey

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Over 14 local and national organisations

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The Blue Bell Community Hub Ltd. To the cost of refurbishment to create a community hub in the old Bluebell pub in Cocking. The hub will offer people the opportunity to shop, buy a coffee, have a drink and a meal all under one roof. There will also be bed and breakfast accommodation to encourage tourists to visit this beautiful village and further explore the South Downs National Park.