Investment opportunities in support of the Hub

The Community has successfully bought and refurbished the Blue Bell, but it is certainly not too late to buy a shareholding or increase your stake in our Hub at the Heart of the South Downs National Park.

The Blue Bell Community Hub now has over 130 shareholders including a significant holding by Cocking Church in support of the community. The shareholder funding, along with generous donations from over 60 individuals and a variety of support grants, enabled the community to buy the Blue Bell on 30th April 2019, complete its refurbishment and open in December 2019.

The Share Offer remains open to those who may wish to support the endeavour, including new arrivals who move into the village and wish to invest in the community project. The funds raised from further shares and donations will be used to gradually reduce our long-term debts and will go towards the upkeep of the building and any further works that might be needed in the future.

Donations no matter how small or large would be very welcome. The aim of the project is to engage with the community and support its wellbeing, and to date this has been one of our major successes.


If you would like to support the Blue Bell in Cocking, you can either buy shares by following the instructions below or, if you prefer, by making a donation to the project by downloading and completing the donation form.

Donations can be made either by cheque to Blue Bell Community Hub Limited, c/o Crypt Farm, Cocking, Midhurst, West Sussex GU29 0HP, or by bank transfer. Bank details are Blue Bell Community Hub Ltd sort code 16-58-10 and the account number is 21046115. Please use your name as a reference. Download a donation form here.

The Blue Bell Community Hub Limited is a Community Benefit Society and is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 7991).

Open Share Offer

You will be able to purchase community shares in The Blue Bell Hub by completing the share application form here.

Shares are priced at £50 each and there is a minimum shareholding of five shares, meaning a total £250 investment, but groups of friends and family members can join together to achieve the minimum holding plus you can also add one or more additional shares to an existing holding.

However, you should note that only the first-named investor on the application form will be a Member of The Society with voting rights. Under the Rules of the Community Benefit Society voting is on the basis of one vote per shareholder. The maximum private shareholding is set at £10,000.

Before buying shares, we recommend that you read our full Community Share Offer that can be seen here.

You can also read the Society’s Rules for Community Ownership here.

If you would like to know more about our Community Hub please email us at .

For more information about local Cocking events and to see Cocking’s own newsletter please visit

How does it work?

It’s easy to buy shares in The Blue Bell Community Hub.

  1. Download and complete the share form indicating the amount you will invest and post to the address on the form
  2. Commit the funds to Blue Bell Community Hub Limited
  3. You are now a proud shareholder of The Blue Bell Hub!


You can transfer the funds EITHER by online bank transfer to the Blue Bell Community Hub Limited bank account OR by posting us a cheque for the appropriate amount with the printed share form.

Our Bank Account

Funds can be transferred into our Blue Bell Community Hub Limited account. The sort code of the account is 16-58-10 and the account number is 21046115. Please use your name as a reference and don’t forget to complete and return the share form which you can download below to be entered unto our share register.

Original Business Plan

On 1st May 2019 the sale of The Blue Bell was completed with the financial support of many Cocking residents, supporters, some loans and grants. The Blue Bell Community Hub then carried out the works required to complete the project, provide all furnishings and fittings and get the building operational.  This work was completed in December 2019 when the hub was opened. In March 2020, due to COVID, the hub was closed and during the downtime, the external redecoration, remedial works, creation of patio areas, garden clearance and repairs to the car park were completed.

The original Business Plan created in January 2019 can be found here.